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Types of central heating systems explained [New]

Individual components of your heating system, even down to the type of  radiator you have, can have a big impact on how effectively it works and how efficiently your overall central heating system warms your home. 

Understanding the different types of central heating systems can make a major impact, especially if you're looking to adjust, update, or change your current heating options. When comparing systems that can heat an entire house, it all comes down to what you need and what your requirements are.

Basic Heating Systems

Most central heating systems can be classified into one of three categories. They all work in different ways, and some are more efficient than others depending on where they're installed or how they're connected to the rest of the house. 

Remember that heating systems must be customised to the structure in which they are installed; there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Some will be more efficient in smaller facilities, while others will require more effort to set up in larger ones.

Conventional Heating Systems

Conventional heating systems are the most popular type of heating systems. These are designed to rely on gravity as the water tank for storing and heating water is located higher up, usually in an attic. Rather than relying on artificial pressure, gravity helps to push the water down.

Pressurised Heating System

This type of heating system heats the water directly through a water cylinder, which can be placed anywhere in your home. They also require a lot of mains pressure to work effectively, this method has the extra benefit of enabling the water to flow at its original pressure, allowing you to run many appliances at once without worrying about the pressure lowering.

Depending on your needs as requirements choosing the right type of central heating system can be difficult. Make sure you let our heating engineers across Bristol and Bath, including Whitchurch, Stockwood, Keynsham and Swindon help you. 

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