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Top 5 Benefits of Central Heating Systems

Almost every home in the United Kingdom has a central heating system, which includes a boiler and radiators, or storage heaters. Upgrading your central heating system comes along with plenty of advantages and our heating engineers have listed a few of them for you!


One of the most appealing reasons customers choose to upgrade their central heating systems is due to them being fully compatible with smart technology. Living with an automated heating system is convenient because it allows you to set it to how you would like to be and you can then forget about it. You also have options to download an app to full access further settings.

Fully customised

Here at United Heating, our fully trained and qualified heating engineers work with you to ensure that the heating system is tailored to your needs. Our heating experts will take how much demand of heat you have, insulation as well as other factors into consideration to help you choose the right central heating system for you and your home. We will also be able to help with any additional components that you may require, making the central heating system fully customised to meet your needs and requirements. 

Lowers carbon footprint

A new central heating system can help you reduce your carbon footprint due to the increased energy efficiency.  Newer types of central heating systems are carefully designed and built so it has less impact on the environment and climate.

Energy efficient

Traditional forced air central heating systems need substantially more energy to heat when compared to modern central heating systems. Central heating systems use water to transmit heat around your home. Water holds a lot more heat than air and transfers it at a much faster rate, all without losing any heat or energy in the process of transporting it to the room. This results in more cost-effective operation and lowers energy usage, helping you to reduce your gas bills.

Modernise your home

Modern central heating systems are compact and discrete. You can add sleek radiators and install a new boiler behind your kitchen cupboard to modernise the overall look of your new room.

We have helped install a range of central heating systems across Whitchurch, Stockwood, Swindon and Keynsham. Call us on 07817790025 to find out how we can help.