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How YOU can protect your boiler from a condensate backfill

With winter on the way, you'll want to ensure sure your central heating system is shielded from extreme weather conditions. Water backfilling through the condensate pipe might overflow your boiler when there is heavy rain. In light of this, our heating professionals have suggested a few precautions you can take to protect your boiler. 

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Prepare for rain 

When compared to the impact of extreme cold, heavy rain places a severe strain on your drainage system, and it can be more costly and time consuming  to repair. When a condensate pipe freezes, you have the option of thawing it and restarting your boiler, but if it floods, it can be very hard to repair. As a result, ensure sure your boiler is protected from the rain as well as the cold.

Keep gutters and drainpipes free of debris

Gutters and drains are installed to protect your property from rain, but when they become clogged with leaves and other debris, water can back up into your home's interior plumbing. You can install a mesh to prevent this from happening.

Install an air break in the piping from the outside

There is a greater chance of the drainpipe becoming blocked and water backfilling into the condensate pipe and therefore the boiler, especially  in systems where the condensate pipe connects into the rain water drainpipe rather than the building's waste water system.

An external air break could be installed before the pipework reaches the vertical rain water pipework, separating the boiler's condensate pipe from the drain pipe connection, preventing rain from flowing back into the condensate pipe. 

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