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Should I repair or replace my boiler?

Your boiler works extremely hard, especially during the winter. During this time you may experience a lot of break downs. However this may lead you to start thinking whether it is beneficial to get it completely replaced with a brand new one or to keep getting it repaired. In this blog, we go through a few points that you can consider which may help you make your mind. Or if you prefer speaking to our gas engineers across Bristol and Bath, call us on 07817 20790025

Break downs 

Whether this is two or three times within 12 months, it is definitely time to consider getting is replaced. Not only a new boiler efficient and reliable to run, it also comes along with a warranty, helping you save money on any additional repair costs that you may have in the future. 

Old boiler 

If you have had the same boiler over 10 years, then it is very important to start thinking about getting a new boiler installed. The reason for this is older boilers tend to be nosier compared to newer boilers. This can be highly distracting and cause your boiler to run inefficiency. 


Again, older boilers have fewer controls when it comes to heating and hot water. Some are also not fully compatible with smart heating controls. Newer boilers come with plenty of advantages, one of them being being compatible with smart controls, giving you full control over your hot water and heating.


Newer boilers are a lot smaller in size, perfect for smaller spaces. So if you are limited for space and have a bigger sized boiler, it may be time to consider replacing it with a smaller one. 

Whether you need a hand in getting your boiler repaired or replaced, here at United Heating we offer both boiler repair services and boiler installation services.

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For more information on our boiler repair and boiler installation services across Bristol and Bath, get in touch with our Gas Safe registered engineers by calling us on 07817 20790025 and we will be happy to help.