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How to choose an eco-friendly boiler

Manufacturers of boilers have made significant progress in designing more environmentally friendly models in recent decades. Every new gas boiler installation in the UK has had to be a more ecologically friendly and efficient condensing boiler since April 2015, signalling a dramatic shift in the industry.

If you want to lower your carbon footprint, reconsidering your central heating system is a good place to start. Below, we'll look at some of the most crucial factors to consider when looking for a more environmentally friendly boiler, such as efficiency and whether there are any alternatives to gas boilers.

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Choosing an Environmentally Friendly Boiler 

Every new condensing boiler on the market is obligated to receive an A rating on the ERP scale. This means they scored between 92 and 94 per cent for energy efficiency - the more efficient your boiler is, the less impact it has on the environment and the less money it costs to run. 

How can condensing boilers heat our homes efficiently? 

Like non-condensing boilers, condensing boilers use fuel to heat our homes and supply hot water. They achieve such high-efficiency levels by collecting heat from 'waste' gases that would otherwise be wasted.

Condensing boilers can use the energy recovered from these gases to keep the water in central heating systems heated as it returns to the boiler from the radiator, which means the reheating process takes less energy. 

Choose a boiler authorised by the Energy Saving Trust

For more confidence that your boiler provides an eco-friendly central heating option, look for boilers that are Energy Saving Trust accredited. 

When Should You Replace Your Boiler? 

Not only for future energy savings but also for a cleaner, greener environment, it's vital to replace your boiler when it breaks down with an eco-friendly boiler. Always heed the advice of a qualified professional when they recommend replacing your boiler.

  • Fuel Efficiency: Energy bills can account for up to 60% of your annual boiler expenditures. Consider upgrading to an eco-friendly boiler if you believe your energy expenses are high as a result of your boiler's functioning. 
  • Carbon emissions - Newer boilers that are more environmentally friendly emit fewer pollutants while maintaining high efficiency. Eco boilers are equipped with cutting-edge technology that avoids energy loss throughout the combustion process. Inefficiencies such as radiation loss, start-up loss, and exhaust loss raise the cost of operating a boiler. Eco boilers are resilient to such losses.

Install an Eco Boiler today

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