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Benefits of installing a new boiler

Is it past time for you to invest in a new boiler for your home? It's likely time for a change if you've had your current boiler for more than ten years or if it's costing you more in breakdowns and repairs than it's worth. Read on to learn about the advantages of upgrading to a new model with United Heating.

1. Improved boiler performance 

According to data from The Energy Savings Trust, your boiler accounts for over 60% of your household's energy bills. Consider how much money you'll save if you have a boiler with an A rating. The condensing technology in modern boilers ensures that they are all at least 90% efficient. In comparison to your old boiler, which could have been as inefficient as 50%.

2. You'll have more control over your heating

If you can't control the temperature of specific rooms in your house now, a new boiler will almost certainly allow you to do so. Not only is this a useful tool for making your home more comfortable in general, but it also helps you save money on your energy costs. Why waste money heating areas that are rarely used, such as spare bedrooms, for example? People prefer their beds to be slightly cooler than their living rooms, therefore you'll be able to customise the temperature for each user! These savings will accumulate over time, while you won't notice a difference in comfort. 

3. Less Noise  

New boilers feature a better design and use more sophisticated and practical materials, resulting in a quieter operation. While this may not appear to be a significant advantage, it can make a significant impact if your boiler is located on the opposite side of a bedroom or in your kitchen. 

4. A smaller and more discrete size 

New boilers are also smaller in size thanks to new materials and design. This allows you more flexibility in how you install your new boiler, as they are now typically wall-mounted and installed in cupboards. If you have a smaller home, this is perfect because it gives you more valuable space.

Install a New Boiler Today! 

If you live in Whitchurch, Stockwood, Swindon, Keynsham, or the nearby areas and need a new boiler, phone us on 07817790025 to speak with one of our professionals. Alternatively, you can send us an email at info@unitedheat.co.uk or use our contact form, and we will respond as soon as possible. 

Our professional boiler installation services have been praised by our clients in Bristol and Bath, and you can read their feedback on our reviews page. Alternatively, you can see some of our latest installations on our gallery page

We hope you choose United Heating for any boiler installation needs you may have.